Banks and Finance companies have been using our website since 1995 to find the right recovery agent for their repossession needs.  Our nationwide network of recovery experts cover the US & Canada. gives recovery companies a very effective and affordable solution to find new business and network with other members.

Banks and Finance companies use on a daily basis, including:

Americredit    American Finance Company    American Honda
Capital One    BMW Finance                              Bank of America
CitiGroup       Chrysler Finance                         Chase Auto Finance
Ford Motor    Credit Drive Financial               Credit Acceptance Corp has been online longer than any other online directory service, since 1995.  
Some of the benefits for members include:


  • Business from USAWeb Logistics & Inspection service
  • Recovery Agency Listings
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Low cost advertising
  • Networking contacts
  • Visible Agency credentials
  • Increased product(s) awareness
  • Classified ads for buying or selling
  • Employment listings
  • New product introductions
  • Outreach to additional markets
  • Stimulating industry discussions – RepoHQ


Many recovery industry vendors also advertise on to reach our members.  Vendors include insurance, tools, key codes, software, information brokers, trade groups, truck parts and truck manufactures.