“We are Leaders and Pioneers in This Market“


We have been online since the infancy of the internet, and have seen the birth and evolution of the online auction. We were there when eBay sold their first item, we were there when we requested Yahoo to add an auction category to their business directory listings, we were there when the first auction webcast was completed in 1997. We have been on the auction block stage for over 800 sales running the auction webcast technology, including many of the largest auction events ever. We have been involved in every aspect of the auction sales process and understand what it takes to run a successful sale. All those years of experience have lead us to put together a process to maximize the amount we can bring to our sellers while providing a great buying experience for our buyers. Many of the innovative marketing and merchandising techniques we use have been developed through many years of trail and error. We have developed our process through many years of road testing auction technology, cataloging and marketing. Our pioneering use of auction marketing, auction cataloging and online sales allows USAWeb to provide solutions with record speed, accuracy and results.

- USAWeb Timed Online Auction Events -

Timed Auction Event Sales  – Most of our sales are Timed Auction event sales. Sellers have a large inventory of assets listed and online bidding typically runs for 5-7 days.  Each auction event has a set location, preview, closing and removal.

USAWeb Managed Sales – USAWeb provides the assessment, cataloging, marketing, online auction management, buyer and onsite management of inspection and removal.

Client Managed Sales – Clients that don’t have many assets or have staff available may prefer to manage their own cataloging and onsite management for inspection and removal.  USAWeb provides all technology for quick and easy cataloging.  The Client Managed event benefits from USAWeb’s marketing and sales process, while reducing the cost to the client.

Employee/Member Sales – Some companies and organizations like to give their employees and/or members a private sale area to purchase assets.  USAWeb provides many options to setup a bidding platform that is private, professional, competitive and fun.

Corporate Incentive Program Auction Events – Looking to setup an employee incentive program that is unique, fun and different.  We can work with your HR department to setup a private labeled auction platform for your employees to earn bidding bucks and bid against fellow employees for valuable prizes.

Bulk Sales  Some assets are best suited to be sold in bulk to one bidder.  USAWeb can setup a sales solution that assures you get the biggest return for your unique needs

Inventory, Valuation & Appraisal – Our easy to use inventory app allows us to prepare detailed asset inventories with pictures, bar codes, description, make, model, VIN/SN#’s, and location.  Results can be posted online or spreadsheet form.  For these services we utilize our nationwide network of Valuation &  Appraisal experts, we only use valuation professionals with the highest valuation education.