USAWeb Asset Group was founded during the infancy of the Internet in February 1995, our strategy is to integrate content, commerce, and community to create a compelling business environment for our customers.  We provide solutions for businesses and individuals who need to liquidate assets.

We have a nationwide network of auctioneers and recovery specialists that can get the job done fast and bring you the most return for your assets.

USAWeb Asset Group is a privately held company that was formed by John Jackley.  Mr. Jackley has a strong background in the auction and recovery industries and technology.  Mr. Jackley has been involved in the auction sales of over 800 companies including some of the largest auctions in America: Arthur Andersen, Indian Motorcycles, the Legendary Stardust Casino, Hollywood Park Race Track and many of the large dot com company sales of the early 2000’s.

John has worked with professionals in the traditional auction and recovery industries and online auction industry since 1995.  He is an advocate for traditional auctioneers and the important role that they play in both the traditional and online auction industries.  John has been instrumental in bridging the traditional and online auction industries as a co-founder of the first auction webcast system.  He has helped many traditional auctioneers and professional auctioneer associations implement technology to develop a web presence, increase traffic to their web sites and developing online programs to improve their business.

USAWeb Asset Group is a pioneer in both traditional and online auction industries.  As co-founder of LiveBid.com, it was the sole provider of live event auctions on the Internet.  USAWeb.com used its site traffic and strong relationships with traditional auction houses to help launch the company in early 1998. USAWeb currently offers a private-labeled webcast service that is utilized in our business and many of the auctioneers in our nationwide network.

We also run the largest and most active repossession website online – Repoman.com.  The Repoman.com community contains recovery company listings and message boards for the recovery industry.  The community has been online since 1995 and currently maintains relationships with over 800 companies.  The site is used daily by small and large finance companies, banks and corporations to locate recovery companies in the United States and Canada for repossession work assignments.