USAWeb Asset Group – serving the Auction Industry since 1995.  We have a long history of providing cutting edge technology to the auction community through our portal and webcast services.  

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1995: IAL Expansion to the Internet Frontier 

Launched in the Frontier Days of the Internet, the Internet Auction List represented that American spirit of “Go West, young man” with it’s pioneering concept of taking Auctions beyond their brick and mortar confines and into cyberspace.  Started in 1995 by John Jackley and Andrew Dinnerstein in Phoenix, AZ, when Andrew, an IT specialist with a Fortune 500 Company, suggested to John that he should “check into this Internet thing.”  That he did!  John developed the idea for the IAL based on his past experience of attending and buying at auctions.   To give you an idea of the early internet launch of the IAL, John and Andrew contacted Yahoo by email in 1995 and suggested they add an auction category.  Yahoo co-founder, Jerry Yang, replied, “That is a great idea; we will do it.”   (You can read an article published in Auction World in July 1995 about the IAL here.)


Late 1990’s: Internet Gold Rush

The IAL was an instant Classic back in the  late 1990’s with almost every major online and traditional auction company using it to advertise and drive traffic to their websites.  During eBay’s early years, they were quoted as saying “”we have received over a three-fold increase in traffic from a very targeted audience.”  During the 90’s USAWeb has helped many traditional auctioneers and professional auctioneer associations implement technology to develop a web presence, increase traffic to their web sites and developing online programs to improve their business.  USAWeb was mentioned in many major newspapers and magazines including the New York Times, Forbes, Business Week, Money, Fast Company, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, PC Magazine and others.


1999: From IAL to Auction Webcast

During this time, John also branched out and started the first auction webcast company in late 1997.  He partnered with a company in Seattle, WA to develop  Livebid was the first auction webcast system.  Livebid was used for many auctions including the Kruse collector car auctions, Oscars Dreamland Museum, and a 7-day auction for a Victorian Era Village to name a few.  (That was back in the dial up internet days!)  Livebid was sold to Amazon in 1999.


2000:  The Dot Com Shakeout

During the 2000 Dot – Com Shakeout, most  Internet auction companies struggled to remain in business.  Capitalizing on his success with Livebid, John and his company, USAWeb, soldiered through the shakeout and went on to focus on the webcast market through their Bidpath webcast services.  Bidpath offers private-labeled, superior technology and unparalleled marketing exposure, search engine optimization, social media integration, featured auction listings, and email notifications to drive more customers than ever to our clients auction sales.  During the 2000’s, John has been involved in the auction sale of over 700 companies including Arthur Anderson, Indian Motorcycles, The Legendary Stardust Casino, Bay Meadows Race Track and many of the large dot com auction sales of the early 2000’s.


2013: USAWeb expands service offerings

Our years of knowledge and experience have culminated into a full service offering for auction and recovery companies that allow them to market, service and sell their assets.  We work on strategy, marketing and technology across all industries and geographies.  We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our fun approach to work. We love what we do and we love bringing our success to our clients.

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