We have been involved with the auction sales of over 800 companies, which are listed below. The majority of companies on this list were complete business liquidations, with certain deals involving consignment and asset reduction sales. We have a strong understanding of the market and understand the needs of our clients. If our services are not the best fit for the situation, we assist in making sure your organization finds an optimal alternative. Please take your time and review the range of assets sold and involvement history.



The Wiz, Newark, NJ
Pegasus Satellite, Kansas City, KS, Louisville, KY, Boston, MA
Cerwin-Vega, Chatsworth, CA
InkraNetworks, Santa Clara, CA
Agilent Technologies, Palo Alto, CA
Prandium, Irvine, CA
MP3.com, La Jolla, CA
Ricochet, San Jose, CA
Verilon, Sunnyvale, CA
Notify Me Networks, Sunnyvale, CA
Real Names, San Jose, CA
Alvesta, Sunnyvalle, CA
Alidian, Milipitas, CA
Oresis, Beaverton, OR
Arthur Andersen, locations nationwide
Critical Parts, Beaverton, OR
Kulick & Soffa Industries, Milipitas, CA
Allegro Networks, Silicon Valley, CA
Onix Microsystems, Silicon Valley, CA
Transparent, Silicon Valley, CA
Ganges, Silicon Valley, CA
Chorum, Silicon Valley, TX
Sun Valley Technical Repairs, Morgan Hill, CA
MPB Technologies, Silicon Valley, CA
Optical Networking, Silicon Valley, CA
Ventrica, Silicon Valley, CA
Zight, Boulder, CO
Broadriver, Alpharetta, GA
Silicon Access, Silicon Valley, CA
nanoGear, San Jose, CA
Valiant Networks, San Jose, CA
Aceva, Silicon Valley, CA
Christianity.com, Silicon Valley, CA
Geyser Networks, Silicon Valley, CA
Mobshop, Silicon Valley, CA
Release Now, Silicon Valley, CA
Driveway, Silicon Valley, CA
Inviso, Silicon Valley, CA
Mondo Media, Silicon Valley, CA
Promptu, Silicon Valley, CA
Value Star, Silicon Valley, CA
Beachfire, Austin, TX
Equidity, Austin, TX
Iscraper, Austin, TX
iDrive, Austin, TX
Tellsoft, Austin, TX
Onsite Access, Austin, TX
Abeona, Silicon Valley, CA
Alter Ego, Silicon Valley, CA
Bitlocker, Silicon Valley, CA
Broadlogic, Silicon Valley, CA
Eality, Silicon Valley, CA
ibeam, Silicon Valley, CA
Think 3, Silicon Valley, CA
Tut Systems, Silicon Valley, CA
Ipverse, Silicon Valley, CA
Liquid Light, Silicon Valley, CA
IMX, Silicon Valley, CA
Annuncio, Silicon Valley, CA
Arzoon, Silicon Valley, CA
Broadband, Silicon Valley, CA
Switchhouse, Silicon Valley, CA
Tiara, Silicon Valley, CA
Sigma, Silicon Valley, CA
Garage Band, Silicon Valley, CA
Pilot Networks, Silicon Valley, CA
Planetary Networks, Silicon Valley, CA
Voiceworks, Silicon Valley, CA
Urban Media, Silicon Valley, CA
emedia, Hartford, CT
clickradio, Hartford, CT
Buy Hold, Hartford, CT
True Exchange, Hartford, CT
Skilla, Hartford, CT
Worldstreet, Hartford, CT
Anuvio, Silicon Valley, CA
BOPS, Silicon Valley, CA
First Virtual, Silicon Valley, CA
SiteRock, Silicon Valley, CA
Pacific Micro Systems, Silicon Valley, CA
My Prime Time, Silicon Valley, CA
Weird Stuff, Silicon Valley, CA
American General, Silicon Valley, CA
B2B Networks, Silicon Valley, CA
Dental Exchange, Silicon Valley, CA
Sameday, Silicon Valley, CA
Incanta, Silicon Valley, CA
Inforay, Silicon Valley, CA
Jetstream, San Jose, CA
Aerie Networks, Tulsa, OK
Spiderdance, Silicon Valley, CA
Loudeye, Silicon Valley, CA
Personified, Silicon Valley, CA
Skydesk, Silicon Valley, CA
Iscale, Silicon Valley, CA
Kestral, Silicon Valley, CA
Adicom, Silicon Valley, CA
Cinta Networks, San Jose, CA
HD Systems, San Jose, CA
Centerpoint, Silicon Valley, CA
Quintessent, Silicon Valley, CA
Quiq, Silicon Valley, CA
Tera Optics, Silicon Valley, CA
Vayusphere, Silicon Valley, CA
IP Unity, Silicon Valley, CA
Pluris, Silicon Valley, CA
Cereva, Austin, TX
Liason, Austin, TX
2nd Wave, Austin, TX
Black Ink, Austin, TX
Plumeris, Austin, TX
Torchquest, Austin, TX
Expedior, Austin, TX
Interpay, Austin, TX
Host Logic, Austin, TX
2Bridge, Silicon Valley, CA
Comvest, Silicon Valley, CA
Law Cypress, Silicon Valley, CA
I Impact, Silicon Valley, CA
Malibu Networks, Silicon Valley, CA
Movie Magic, Silicon Valley, CA
Alien Networks, Silicon Valley, CA
Apliant, Silicon Valley, CA
Cadence, Silicon Valley, CA
Digital Impact, Silicon Valley, CA
Extensify, Silicon Valley, CA
Gemfire, Silicon Valley, CA
Peak XV, Silicon Valley, CA
Revinio, Silicon Valley, CA
Image Access, Silicon Valley, CA
Music CO, Silicon Valley, CA
Iospan, Silicon Valley, CA
Better Resolution, Silicon Valley, CA
Crossweave, Silicon Valley, CA
Personify, Silicon Valley, CA
Crescent, Silicon Valley, CA
Internet Machines, Silicon Valley, CA
Lexra, Silicon Valley, CA
Sevenspace, Silicon Valley, CA
Sitesmith, Silicon Valley, CA
Trimedia, Silicon Valley, CA
Westwave, Silicon Valley, CA
Accelight, Silicon Valley, CA
Accordian Networks, Silicon Valley, CA
Clareon, Silicon Valley, CA
Route Science, Silicon Valley, CA
Webridge, Silicon Valley, CA
Zambeel, Silicon Valley, CA
Eyematic, Silicon Valley, CA
Bow Street, Silicon Valley, CA
Integral, Silicon Valley, CA
Onstation, Silicon Valley, CA
Scale 8, Silicon Valley, CA
Net VMG, Silicon Valley, CA
Repeater, Silicon Valley, CA
Auspex, Silicon Valley, CA
Digital Impact, Silicon Valley, CA
Ihello, Silicon Valley, CA
Sitestuff, Silicon Valley, CA
CampSix, Silicon Valley, CA
ThinkLink, Silicon Valley, CA
DoughNet, SIlicon Valley, CA
Corona Networks, Milipitas, CA
Food.com, Silicon Valley, CA
Market Tools, Silicon Valley, CA
Vitalink, Silicon Valley, CA
Silicon Access, San Jose, CA
@ease, Silicon Valley, CA
Beachfire, Silicon Valley, CA
HiWire, Silicon Valley, CA
Neoforma, Silicon Valley, CA
Worldstreet, Silicon Valley, CA
Topica, Silicon Valley, CA
Antrim, Silicon Valley, CA
Acclaim, Silicon Valley, CA
Vigilance, Silicon Valley, CA
Xtime, Silicon Valley, CA
Worldwide Technologies, Irvine, CA
Arzoon, Silicon Valley, CA
Quantum Shift, Silicon Valley, CA
Motiva, Silicon Valley, CA
Dynamic Management, Silicon Valley, CA
Phase Matrix, Silicon Valley, CA
Cybon, Silicon Valley, CA
Aggressor, Silicon Valley, CA
Cetacean Networks, Portsmouth, NH
Ariba, Silicon Valley, CA
PowernetIX, Silicon Valley, CA
Candera, Milipitas, CA
SiNett, Silicon Valley, CA
Maranti, Silicon Valley, CA
OptoBionics, Santa Clara, CS
Slabb Corp, Phoenix, AZ
SiNett, Santa Clara, CA
Converged Access, Littleton, MA
UXComm, Beaverton, OR
Phonebites, Inc, Silicon Valley, CA
Wiquest, Silicon Calley, CA
MPC Computers, Nampa, ID
Novafora, Inc, San Jose, CA
Neotropix, Inc, Malvern, PA
Sequoia Communications, San Diego, CA
Movie Gallery/Hollywood Video, Wilsonville, OR
Amp’d Mobile, Santa Monica, CA



Megasense, Sunnyvale, CA
FlexICs, Milipitas, CA
EiC Corporation, Fremont, CA
WJ Communications, San Jose, CA
Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA
Reflectivity, Silicon Valley, CA
nLine Corporation, Austin, TX
Powerchip Equipment, Livermore, CA
WiQuest Communications Semiconductor, Dallas, TX
UltraDots, Fremont, CA
THQ, Agoura Hills, CA
Vertrue, Omaha, NE

Test Equipment

Brightlink, San Jose, CA
Bandwidth9, Silicon Valley, CA
Digilens, Santa Clara, CA
Cardio Vention, Silicon Valley, CA
Fluke, Everett, WA
Micromanipulator, Carson City, NV
Picosecond Pulse Labs, Beaverton, OR
Ceptyr, Inc, Redmond, WA
Alliance Analytical, Menlo Park, CA
Skandik, San Diego, CA
Paratek Microwave, Inc, Columbia, MD



Marussia-Virgin Formula-1, London, UK
Midas Corporation, Hartford, WI
Indian Motorcycles, Santa Rosa, CA
Hunjan Industries, Toronto, ON Canada
Kruse International Scottsdale Collector Car Auction, Scottsdale, AZ
Kruse International Auburn Collector Car Auction, Auburn, IN
Caldwell Development, San Diego, CA
The Budd Company, Philadelphia, PA
Nissan Mexicana, Mexico City, Mexico
Collins & Aikman, Sterling Heights, MI & Ontario, CA & Athens, TN
Classic Chevrolet, Wyoming, MI
Chrysler Corp, Newark, DE
Delphi Corporation, Flint, MI



Hawkins & Powers Aviation, Greybull, WY
Skybus Airlines, Columbus, OH
Turbine Airfoil Design, Harrisburg, PA
Pratt & Whitney, Hartford, CT
Airship Ventures, Moffett Field, CA



Cook & Harriet Construction, Buffalo, WY
R.E Holland Construction/American Excavating, Enon, OH
S & J Construction, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Twin Mountain Rock, Raton, NM
Ibarra Concrete Company, Crystal Lake, IL
Mark’s Asphalt & Paving, Walker, MI
Amerimark Building Products, Richmond, VA
DE Rice Construction, Amarillo, TX
Pickus Construction, Highland Park, IL
FCC Equipment Financing, Benton Harbor, MI
Pickus Construction, Highland Park, IL
International Forest Products, Chino, CA
Bradford Brothers, Inc., Huntersville, NC
Affholder Construction, St Louis, MO & Apple Valley, CA
RA Bright Construction, Bolingbrook, IL
Joe Bland Construction, Austin, TX
A&B Construction, Inc, Austin, TX
U Brothers, Tampa, FL, Humble, TX, Moriarty, NM
Victory Industrial, Batavia, OH
Terex USA, LLC, Cedar Rapids, IA
SelectBuild, Riverside, CA&Glendale, AZ&Las Vegas, NV


Real Estate

Luxury Beachfront Condos, Englewood, FL
Manufacturing Facility, Hanover, NJ
Shea Homes, Charlotte, NC
Oak Tree Homes, Fort Mill, SC
Axhoj Custom Homes, Weddington, NC



Eagle Foods, Moline, IL
Winn Dixie, locations throughout the SouthEast US
ABC Bus Co., Orlando, FL
Green Lawn Transit, Columbus, OH
Jewett Scott Truck Lines
Super Transport, Inc, Miami, FL
Vectour, Las Vegas, NV
Remare Transportation Corp, Bridgeview, IL
Weekend Warrior Trailer, Inc, Riverside & Perris, CA
City of Cedar Hill, Cedar Hill, TX
Truck Center, Nationwide, USA
Kushwood Transportation
Trinity Disposal Trucking, Waskom, TX
Cocopah Nursery, Thermal, CA – Blythe, CA – Hyder, AZ



Brea Community Hospital, Brea, CA
Brownsville Hospital, Brownsville, PA
Doctors Hospital, Springfield, IL
Elastar Community Hospital, East Los Angeles, CA
Granada Hills Hospital, Granada Hills, CA
Southern Micro Instruments, Inc, Marietta, GA
St Agnes Hospital, White Plains, NY
St Vincent Catholic Medical Center, Staten Island, NY
United Hospital, Port Chester, NY
Converge Medical, Sunnyvale, CA
The Hospital, Sidney, NY
Weinberger Sinus Clinic, Merrillville, IN
Medics Health, Silicon Valley, CA
Baptist Lutheran Memorial Center, Kansas City, MO
STAC, Silicon Valley, CA
Doctors Hospital, Shreveport, LA
St Vincents MIdtgown Hospital, New York, NY
St. Josephs Hospital, Huntingburg, IN
Brunswick Hospital, DuBois, PA
Lincoln Park Hospital, Chicago, IL
Muhlenburg Regional Medical Center, Plainfield, NJ
Innovative Spinal Technologies, Mansfield, MA
Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, IL
Victory Memorial Hospital, Brooklyn, NY
Cabrini Medical Center, New York, NY
Pavad Medical, Fremont, CA
West Texas Hospital, Abilene, TX


Sports Equipment

REDA Sports, Easton, PA
Full Court Fitness, Austin, TX
Golds Gym, Fremont, CA
Life Gear, Inc, Ontario, CA


Machinery & Equipment

Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, Union City, CA
Steelcase, Grand Rapids, MI
Thomas Plastics, Hollywood, FL
BASF-NY, Somerset, NJ
Wilson Products, Auburn, WA
Callaway Golf, Carlsbad, CA
Kamco Plastics, Florence, SC
Parker International Products, Inc, Worcester, MA
BAE Systems, Ontario, CA
Oklahoma City Oilfield, Oklahoma City, OK
Kvaerner Oilfield Products
Coca Cola Plant, Nashua, NH
Accurate Printing, San Jose, CA
Wicklander Printing, Chicago, IL
International Comfort Products(Carrier), Lewisburg, TN
LG Philips Displays, Torreon, Mexico
Apollo Gold Florida Canyon Mine, Imlay, NV
Life Laboratories, Vista, CA
Royal Dynamic Company, Toronto, ON, Canada
Brahm Industries, Windsor, ON, Canada
TD Rowe Amusements, Chicago, IL
Interbath, City of Industry, CA
Wheeler Machinery Sales, City of Industry, CA
OptoBionics, Santa Clara, CA
K & K Manufacturing, Campbell, CA
The Garage People, Temecula, CA
Target Graphics, Chattanooga, TN
Rantoul Products, Rantoul, IL
Portella Custom Doors, Phoenix, AZ
VT Specialized Vehicle Corp, Tulare, CA
Progressive Moulded Products, McAllen, TX
Linford Windows, Salt Lake City, UT
Koncor Precision Marshall, Wauseon, OH
Adobe Air, Phoenix, AZ
Music City Optical Media, Nashville, TN
Form Flo Equipment Manufacturers, Phoenix, AZ
Trans Fx, Inc, Oxnard, CA
VT Specialized Vehicles, Tulare, CA
DC Sports, Corona, CA
United Fixtures/Interlake, Niles, MI
The Grigoleit Company, Decatur, IL
Bomanite Corporation, Madera, CA
Delta Graphics, E Brunswick, NJ
M&M Machine Services, Baltimore, MD
DESA, Bowling Green, KY
CAM Fabrication, Oakland Park, FL, Jacksonville FL, Charlotte, NC
Blue Note Caribou Mine, Bathurst, NB, Canada
Pioneer Electronics, Pomona, CA
Solar Communications, Naperville, IL
Pacific Title & Art Studio, Hollywood, CA
Gregg Industries, El Monte, CA
Beechmont Press, Louisville, KY
P+R Group, Chicago, IL
Red River Energy, El Reno, OK
Colfax Envelope Corp, Buffalo Grove, IL
Amada Fabrication Facility, Anaheim, C
Humboldt Creamery, Los Angeles, CA
Falcon Precision Industries, Wauconda, IL
Stover Industries, Delaware, OH
Maui Land & Pineapple Co, Maui, HI
FlashCo Inc, Bakersfield, CA
Pylon Tool Corporation, Northbrook, IL
Pearl Pressman, Philadelphia, PA
Lincoln Mold & Die, Roselle, NJ
Semi South, Starkville, MS
Konarka, New Bedford, MA
Diversapack, Marengo, IL
ASK Plastics, Philadelphia, PA
Cooperative Print Solutions, Minneapolis, MN
Howard Quinn Co, San Francisco, CA
Starplast, Miami, FL
Fortis Plastics, Wilmington, OH
Scott Industries, Louisville, KY
Abound Solar, Longmount, CO
Patt Technologies, Saint-Eustache, Quebec
Kennel-Aire, LLC, Ottawa, KS
Stainless Steel Tube Rolling Mill, Victoria, Australia
Tower of Power, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Hess Industries, Niles, MI
GEON Print & Communications Solutions, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Australia
Electronic Polymers, Jarell, TX
Greenvolts, Fremont, CA
Caitin, Fremont, CA



Maisonette Restaurant, Cincinatti, OH
Beavers Restaurant, Santa Clara, CA
Stardust Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Nevada Landing Hotel & Casino, Jean, NV
New Frontier Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Cold Stone Creamery, Escondido, CA
Bay Meadows Racetrack, San Mateo, CA
Copia, Napa Valley, CA



Tower Records, Sacramento, CA
Valley Media, Sacramento, CA
Hartwell Classics, Hartwell, GA
Olympia Tool, City of Industry, CA
McCullough Corporation, Lake Havusu City, AZ
Traditional Imports, Los Angeles, CA
Teddi Apparel, Los Angeles, CA
Pacific Rim, Seattle, WA
Advanced Marketing Services, Indianapolis, IN
Fredrick Ramond, Cerritos, CA
Geneva International, Wheeling, IL
M&K Sound, Chatsworth, CA
IMG Holdings, Inc, Deerfield Beach, FL
Cherrydale Farms, Allentown, PA
CB&K Supply, Inc, Janesville, WI
Mervyn’s, Hayward, CA
Pacesetter Fabric LLC, Commerce, CA
GVI Security, Dallas, TX



Theme Warehouse, Commerce, CA
Theme Warehouse, San Diego, CA
20th Century Props, Hollywood, CA


Creative Ideas, Corona, CA
Great American Picture Frame Co, Los Angeles, CA
Harris Reproductions Inc, Montgomery, AL
Vida, San Jose, CA
Quality Craft Furniture, National City, CA
O’Sullivan Industries, Lamar, MO
Pacific Lumber Co, Scotia, CA
Bush Industries, Tijuana, Mexico
Crossville Hardwoods, Crossville, TN
Turnwood Industries, North Royalton, OH
Charlestowne Kitchen & Bath, St Charles, IL



Liberty Brands, Richmond, VA



Predicant Biosciences, San Francisco, CA
Large Scale Biology Corp, Vacaville, CA
Ceptyr, Inc, Bothell, WA
Nu Vacuum Systems, Kingston, MA
Xanthon, Omaha, NE & Durham, NC
DNA Sciences, Raleigh, NC
Phaethon, Santa Clara, CA
Restoragen, Lincoln, NE
Immune Response, San Diego, CA
Zyomyx, Hayward, CA
Converge, Silicon Valley, CA
BioPharm, Silicon Valley, CA
Neurome, LaJolla, CA
SPEC Equipment, Santa Clara, CA
Ardea Biosciences, Costa Mesa, CA
Pharmix, Santa Clara, CA
Nucleonics, Horsham, PA
Amphora, Durham, NC
Receptor Biologix, Palo Alto, CA
Ultreo, Redmond, WA
Tosoh APC, Manassas, VA
MonoGen, Waukegan, IL
Forticell Biosciences, Linden, NJ
Spherics, Mansfield, MA
Xerocoat, Fremont, CA
BioFuelBox, San Jose, CA
Clean Cell International, Sunnyvale, CA


Oscars Dreamland Museum, Billings, MT
Victorian Era Village, Johnsonville, CT


Art Print Co, Taylor, PA
Arthur Andersen Art Collection, Chicago, IL
Maisonette Restaurant Art Collection, Cincinatti, OH
Westinghouse Corporation Art Collection, Morris Plains, NJ
Outsider Art, Johnson City, TN
Santa Fe Art Auction, Santa Fe, NM


Seized Assets of OJ Simpson, Los Angeles, CA
Image Innovations, New York, NY
Stardust Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Nevada Landing Hotel & Casino, Jean, NV
New Frontier Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV
Bay Meadows Racetrack, San Mateo, CA
Hollywood Park Racetrack, Inglewood, CA
20th Century Props, Hollywood, CA
Movie Gallery/Hollywood Video, Wilsonville, OR
Copia, Napa Valley, CA
City Center, Las Vegas, NV