may, 2017

17may - 18may 1712:00 ammay 18FURNITURE TRADITIONSSuperb Offering of Late Model Woodworking MachineryEvent Type :Auctions


Auction starts closing at: 10:00am PDT each day (GMT-8)


May 15 & 16, 2017, 9:00am – 4:00pm PDT (GMT-8)


17 (Wednesday) 12:00 am - 18 (Thursday) 11:59 pm


West Collins Ave CA

1450 West Collins Ave Orange CA 92867

Event Details

Major Woodworking Furniture Manufacturer


Featured Orange, CA Items Include: Saws 2008 The Brute Barr-Mullin Wonder Saw, 240 Volt, 60 Amp, Phase 3, SN 0708B8L09 with Extended Conveyor & Arrestall Dust Collection 2004 Langzauner Type FPS 800 Hydro R Veneer Cutting Machine, SN 7/0369 1995 Gabbiani Panel Saw, SN 1494 with Custom Extended Conveyor System 2005 Hendrick Panel Saw Machine No. P.O.R.-4049 2006 Invicta Model SFI-60 Bandsaw, No. 1500 Multiscore Panel Specialty Machine, SN C-564, Digital Operator JVOP-100 Control Multiscore Panel Specialty Machine, Model C564 Castle Standard Duty Pocket Cutter, SN 51095 Castle Standard Duty Pocket Cutter, SN 60380 Castle Standard Duty Pocket Cutter, SN 61586 CTD Mitre Saw Model M25, Single-Double Mitre Saw, Blade RPM 3725, SN 313R with Seco Dust Collector UFO-101 CTD Mitre Saw Model M225R, Blade RPM 3725, SN 5424R CTD Mitre Saw Model M25R, SN 396R CTD Mitre Saw Model M225R Miter Cut Off Saw, SN 5171R CTD Mitre Saw Model M225R Miter Cut Off Saw, SN 5310R CTD Double End Trim & Mitre Saw, Model DM200R, Blade RPM 3725, SN 1420R The G.M. Diehl Machine Work Rip Saw, Number 55 Rigid Saw Machining Centers & Routers 2000 Biesse Rover 27 CNC Router, SN 05716 C.R. Onsrud Model 3025 Inverted Router, 5HP, SN 30678 C.R. Onsrud Model 24210 Inverted Router, 10HP, SN 24382 Her-Saf Model 05-144 Panel Router, SN 2507 Jenkins Model 195 Double End Machining Center, SN 1267R Jenkins Model 123 Double End Machining Center, SN 915 9/14/81 Friulmac – Quadramat Door Line 2002/2003 Friulmac Quadramat Door Line 2002 Friulmac Quadramat Double End Tenoner, SN 3364A 2003 Friulmac Quadramat Single End Tenoner, SN 3437B 2003 Friulmac Linear Automatic Sectioning Cut-Off Machine, SN 3437 C 2003 Friulmac Model MP/7 Lateral Feeding Transfer, SN 3437D 2003 Friulmac Model Nastro Conveyor System, SN 3437G (2) 2003 Friulmac Controls, SN 3437C & 3437D / 2002 & 2003 Power Supply SN 3364A & 3364B Edgebanders, Shapers & Sanders, Tenoners 2001 Viet Model Valeria 2CC-inf.-HPG 1350 Wide Belt Sander, SN 4506278 2001 Viet Model Challenge 333-TM Wide Belt Sander, SN 4505257 2000 Viet Model Challenge 223 TM HPG Wide Belt Sander, SN 4412556 2000 Viet Model Challenge 333-TM Wide Belt Sander, SN 4407319 (2) Viet Interchangeable Machining Heads 2002 Polymac Model Ergho 3 Edgebander, Uniop Control, 7/8 Bar 30 M/Sec, SN 27733 2002 Voorwood Model A117B Shaper Sander, SN 2247 with Optisand System Control 2001 Voorwood Model A117B Shaper Sander, SN 2219 with Optisand System Control 1999 Voorwood Model A117X Shaper Sander, Series L110, SN 2099 Voorwood Model A178 Shaper, SN 1810 Voorwood Model A112 Shaper and Sander 2009 Quickwood Model QRC-9/1300 Finishing and Sealer Sander, SN 6335, ZYX 1800 x 1820 x 1250 with Arrestall Dust Collector 1993 Costa Model 70-CCT-3-1150 Wide Belt Sander, 81HP, SN 930224MA1 Unique Model 330 Shape & Sander, SN 073197134 Unique Model 313 Miter Door, SN 082401142 Unique Model 265 Single End Cope, SN 091098594 Unique Model 311 Double End Cope, SN 100598124 Unique Model 2700 Shaper, SN 042197115 Unique Model 280-6-45 Clamp Table, SN 030900-587 Unique Model 280-6 Clamp Table, SN 081994351 Friulmac Custom Double End Tenoner, Machine #59 Davis & Wells Model FS-2-87 Shaper with 2006 Maggi Steff 2048 Automatic Feeding Unit Onsrud Auto Shaper Crouch Sander Model Crouch ET-40, SN 071389 Glue Spreaders & Presses 2004 Joos Throughfeed Press, Type DLP135, SN 1853485, Siemens Simatic OP7 Control & (2) Tool-Temp TT-133 Basic Temperature Regulators Rosenquist Glue Press Model EG 4290 H, 85” W x 43” H Workspace Table Rosenquist Model EB800H Edge Glue Press, SN 800119649HD with Allen Bradley DTAM Micro Control & Interroll Type 500 Conveyor 2004 Osama Technologies Automatic Glue Dispenser Feeder, Type ACM-II, SN 99123 2002 Osama Technologies Roll Glue Spreader, Type S4R-1600, SN 3165 Dodds Model FD-48P Door/Drawer Clamp Machine, SN FD-92049-433 Dodds Model Door/Drawer Clamp Machine, SN FD-8142-129 Boring Machines Sicotte Model J-20-8 Horizontal Boring Machine, 4 Drive Groups Rye Model DB50 Horizontal Boring Machine, SN 123-84 Blum Minipress Model 1999, SN CF7548 Blum Minipress Model 2002, SN CG01484 Ritter Model R46 Dual Head Vertical Line Boring Machine 2011 Omal Boring/Insert, Insert C, SN 9243 Dust Collectors 2006 LMC Model 472-IRWC-917RB-100/64, SN 04777 2003 LMC Model 572IRWM-C Dust Collection System, SN 03664 LMC Dust Collection System, 5 Station Delta Model 50-850 Dust Collector, Type 2, SN 033719SF40 Delta Model 50-760 Dust Collector, Type 2, SN 012377SF40 Delta Model 50-760 Portable Dust Collector Seco Model UFO-103M Dust Collector Jet Model DC-1100A 1100 CFM Dust Collector, 1.5HP, SN 02081832 Forklifts Toyota Model 52-6FGCU35-BCS, 7,000 Lb. Capacity, LP Gas, Side Shifter, 187” Max Lift Height, SN 62407 Toyota Model 7FGCU25, 4,500 Lb. Capacity, LP Gas, Side Shifter, 189” Max Lift Height, SN 72331 Toyota Model 7FGCU25, 4,500 Lb. Capacity, LP Gas, Side Shifter, 189” Max Lift Height, SN 72434 Toyota Model 42-6FGCU25, 4,500 Lb. Capacity, LP Gas, Side Shifter, 189” Max Lift Height, SN 65916 Toyota Model 7FGU25, 3,750 Lb. Capacity, LP Gas, Side Shifter, 189” Max Lift Height, SN 60450 Toyota Model 7FGU18, 2,750 Lb. Capacity, LP Gas, Side Shifter, 189” Max Lift Height, SN 60308 Toyota Model 7FGU15, 2,650 Lb. Capacity, LP Gas, Side Shifter, 189” Max Lift Height, SN 60259 Vehicles 2005 Volvo Model VE D12-395 Tractor, 89,580 Miles, VIN# 4V4M19GG95N377186, FRO-14210C, 10 Speed 2002 GMC C4500 Stake Bed Truck, 110,000 Miles (2) 1995 Kentucky 48’ Trailers (2) Copperloy Loading Ramps 2004 JLG Model 2646-ES Electric Scissor Lift, 500 Lb. Capacity, 25.4 Ft Travel Height, SN 0200118558 Taylor-Dunn Model SC1-59 Stock Chaser, 1,000 Lb. Capacity, SN 124831 Big Joe Model PDI 20-T09 Walk Behind Straddle Stacker, 2,000 Lb. Capacity, SN 320364 Nordskog Electric Cart Air Compressors & Dryers 2004 Atlas Copco Model GA15 FF Air Compressor, SN A11280657 2002 Atlas Copco Model GA50VSDFF Air Compressor, 67HP, SN AII 353294 1994 Atlas Copco Model GA30 Air Compressor, 40HP, SN HOL021323 Atlas Copco GA30 VSD Workplace Air System Air Compressor (2) MGM Air Compressors Zeks Heatsink Model 125HSEA100, SN 143549-4 M 399 Plant Support Equipment & Miscellaneous (2) Orion Model Spectra Pallet Wrappers, SN 2004-0614432 & SN 2004-0614433 Delta Drill Press Model 17-965 Jet Model JDP-20VS-3 Variable Speed Drill Press, SN 0103051 Face Framing Clamping Assembly Tables (2) Systematix Pneumatic Clamping & Squaring Machine Coordinate Measuring Machine Marcon International Model M5100-6 6-Spindle Pocket Drill Station Hurst Engineering Knob & Pull Drilling Station Denray Model 9600B Down Draft Table, SN 468488 Pexto Model 218 Bench Punch, 4 Ton Soft Steel, SN 7-02 (2) Proflex Hot Melt Application Hot Melt Technologies Guns/Applicators Binks Mixers Coating Booths
Sanders 2004 Viet Model S1 323 2200 Calibrating Sander, SN 4809274 2001 Viet Model Challenge 321B Wide Belt Sander, SN 4407325 1999 Viet Model Challenge 333 Wide Belt Sander, SN 4311461 Viet Sander Replacement Drum 2005 Quickwood Model Pro 800 Finishing Sander, SN 7307, ZYX 2040x1650x2100 1999 Ogden Rotoplane Model 24T Sander, SN 12343022 (4) Voorwood Model A178 Shaper Sander, SN 1618, 1731, 1803, 1816 Opti-Sand Model R52V Rotary Sander, Telemeanique Magelis Control, SN 119004 TimeSaver Model 237-2KAIC Planer Sander, SN 24776 G&P Model EPN-2 Pedestal Sander, 1725 RPM, SN G-11544 Saws, Edgebanders & Tenoners 2006 Dimter Weinig Gruppe Model Opticut 590 Speed Automatic Cross Cut Saw, Opticom Direct Control, SN 2870.24 2005 Langzauner Model LZ 4-S/3150 Veneer Saw with PP41 Control, SN 5303-05-S500 2005 Hendrick Model P.O.R. 4169 Vertical Panel Saw 1997 Sicar Top 6 Bandsaw, Top 6 5212, SN 80093 590/0397 1989 Hendrick Vertical Panel Saw, SN 1411 1989 Chung Kung Model PBS-600 Band Saw, SN 109189 Carlson Straight Line Rip Saw, 3 HP Feed, 10 HP Saw Inverter Pistorius Model MN-200 Double Miter Saw, SN 86998 CTD Machines Model DM200 Double End Trim & Miter Saw CTD Machines Model M225 Miter Cut Off Saw, SN 3884 CTD Machines Model M225, Miter Cut Off Saw 3900 RPM, SN 1372 Jet Model JWBS-20-3 Bandsaw, SN 708095 Delta Model P20 Scroll Saw 2001 Friulmac Model Quadramat Double End Tenoner, SN 3170 2003 Friulmac Model Caricatore Cutter Loader, SN 3437A 1999 Friulmac Model Dualfeed Double Cross-Cut Saw, SN 2534 2001 Michael Weinig Model R168 Grinder, SN 9010216 1999 Weinig Profimat Model 23E Moulder, SN 87878 1998 Cehisa Series 400 Model 404 Edgebander, 16.4 Total HP, SN 628 1996 Geetech Model CT-108 Edge Sander, SN 399630 1985 Heian Model WS-66V Double End Tenoner, SN 600806 Pacco Edge Application Machine (2) Stegherr Door Mullion Machines Whirlwind Model 855 Edge Sander, SN 535907 Unique Model 318 Power Feed Rail Machine, SN 081399101 Unique Model 310 Cope Machine, SN 122001232 2000 Morbidelli Author 600 CNC Router SN AL5397 15kw 400 Volts 60Hz Mattison 404 Rip Saw Glue Spreaders, Presses, Laminators Almex Model TL6-59-114 Thermolaminator, 480 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 50 Amps, Max Pressure 100 Psi, 690 Kpa Almex Model TL2-4x5V Thermolaminator, 480 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 65 Amps, Max Pressure 75 Psi 2004 Osama Technologies Roll Glue Spreader, Type S4R-1600, SN 3172 2005 Joos Model DLP-150 Feedthrough Hot Press, SN 1869585 2007 Blum Model M53 Mini Press, SN JH00767 Rosenquist Model EG400A Slant Bed Edge Gluer, SN 295102519 Rosenquist Model EG400A Slant Bed Edge Gluer, SN 600118536 Rosenquist Model EG400A Slant Bed Edge Gluer, SN 129295611 Rosenquist Model EG100 50H45 Slant Bed Edge Gluer, SN 5851005014 Rosenquist Model EB700H Edge Gluer, SN 59085332 Italpresse Hydraulic Embossing Press Model GL120P Boring Machines / Routers 2006 Ritter Model R8043 Horizontal Boring Machine, SN 2182 2004 Casati Macchine 20027 Rescaldina Model Z2000 Veneer Stitcher, SN 040703 1996 C.R. Onsrud Model 3025 Inverted Pin Router, SN 30961218 Doucet Machineries Model T-1000 Pneumatic Horizontal Boring Machine, 1 HP, SN 90-05-230 (3) Castle Pocket Boring Machine Dust Collectors & Down Draft Tables 2004 LMC Model 572IRWC-H Dust Collection System, SN 04228 2004 LMC Model 260IRIM-D Dust Collection System, SN 04134 2002 LMC Model 460-IR-A Dust Collection System, SN 03005 Arrestall Model EQ00141 Dust Collection System Arrestall Free Standing Dust Collection System (4) Micro Air Model MX1800 Fume/Dust Collection System (4) Denray Model 9600B Down Draft Table (1) Denray Model 3444B Down Draft Table Forklifts Nissan Model KCUCH02F35PV Forklift, 6,700 Lb. Capacity, Type LP, Mast N3F485, Tire Cushion, Forks S/S 100DSS72B, Max Lift Height 191” Nissan Model PH02A25V Forklift, 4,100 Lb. Capacity, Chassis PH02-920016, Type G, Mast 3F475, Tire Pneumatic, Max Lift Height 191” Toyota Model 42-6FGU15 Forklift, 3,000 Lb. Capacity, Type LP, Mast V, Back Tilt 10, 131” Max Lift Height, SN 63266 Toyota Model 7FGUR8 Forklift, 2,750 Lb. Capacity, Type LP, Side Shifter, 189” Max Lift Height, SN 62505 Toyota Model 42-6FGU15 Forklift, 2,650 Lb. Capacity, Type LP, Mast FSV, Side Shifter, 189” Max Lift Height, SN 63508 Toyota Model 7FGU15 Forklift, 2,650 Lb. Capacity, Type LP, Mast FSV, Back Tilt 6, Side Shifter, 189” Max Lift Height, SN 60307 Toyota Model 7FGU15 Forklift, 2,500 Lb. Capacity, Type LP, Mast FSV, Back Tilt 6, Side Shifter 189” Max Lift Height, SN 63272 Hyster S120XL Forklift Model S120XL 12000 Max-Load SN D004V035592L HR 58526 Assembly, Plant Support Equipment, Packaging & Miscellaneous Unique Model 280 Series Clamp Table Dodds Dovetailer, SN FD-8421-402 Systematix Pneumatic Door Clamp Model DM5026B, 4 Pinning Guns with Down Pressure Clamps, SN 9004025 (5) Face Framing Clamping Assembly Tables (2) Prime Heat Halogen Systems Electric Heating Appliances Jet Model JDP-20MF Drill Press Jet Model JDP-17MF Drill Press Powermatic Model 1200HD Drill Press Central Hydraulics 12 Ton Shop Press Delta Feeders Sweed Model 300AD Scrap Chopper, SN 42024 Central Machinery 40” 3 in 1 Roller, Capacity 40” Wide, 18 Gauge Sheet Metal Videojet Model 43S Ink Jet Marking Machine, SN ZH061080015 (2) Synergy Stretch Wrap Systems (2) Synergy 1.5 Semi Automatic Pallet Wrappers Strapack Model D-53X Semi Automatic Strapping Machines 1990 Signode Model MS-T Strapping Machine, SN 063940 Polychem PC100 Strapping Machine 2007 Southworth Model 4415950 P Pal 2 Spring Actuated Pallet Pal, SN 399222 Zintex Model 5200 Dry Abrasive Cleaning System Merkur Mixing System 1991 Brandt H Bender Model KO74 SN 0260014108 400 Volts 60Hz IR 5 HP Dual Head Air Compressor Model 22475E5 SN 0601100158 Hytrol & Roach Conveyor, Assembly Tables, Scales, Shop Carts, Hoists, Scissor Lift Tables, Drum Handling Racks / Carriers, Safety Storage Cabinets, Shop Fans, Finishing Racks, Crates, Spare Parts, Saw Blades, Bits, Fire Extinguishers, Receiving Tanks, Motors, Plate Roller/Spreader, Taylor Dunn Shop Cart, (8) Transformers including GE, Acme, Square D & Federal Pacific, Rigid Wet/Dry Vacuum, Lesnick Dispensing System, Lincoln Lincwelder AC 225, Rigid Pipe Threader, Aerco Compressor and More!


Terms of Sale are summarized below. Please review and bid accordingly.

A 18% Buyer’s Premium will be added to your bids
All invoices must be PAID IN FULL by close of business the day following auction completion.
REMOVAL: Typically, three days following the close of auction, please Email us with any questions or concerns specific to each event.
All items are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS. All sales are final – NO REFUNDS, RETURNS OR EXCHANGES
Local sales tax will apply. To claim exemption, fax your valid, LOCAL and SIGNED resale certificate to 818-459-6985, or Email us. Reference your USER ID/BIDDER NUMBER on the fax.
If you are claiming exemption, you may deduct sales tax from your payment, exemption • documents must be provided when items are removed. Exemption claims will not be considered once payment has been made and items have been removed.
Out-of-state shipments are exempt from tax if shipped directly from the auction site and a BILL OF LADING is provided.